Prima[co]l Lowlanders. The Urban Tribe

15 sty 2016


We are living on the edge of the wild forest within limits of the great metropolity. Everything we have built so far is a result of our hard training, sharing our sweat, blood, injuries and tears . In spite of the many adversities we have faced as a team, we remain focused on the ultimate goal to win a championship. The support we receive  and the individual sacrifice made by our players, have lead us to the place we are now as a Team. Could you even imagine building such a fine thing in the region, where american football is known only from movies or foreign television? We had to plough the rough and tough territory to make it ours while living our normal lives as gravediggers, vikings, lawyers, chefs, doctors, students, husbands and fathers. When we step onto the field, we leave it all behind. We leave the world and it's ups and downs behind. Our Tribe during hard times only grows bigger and stronger  because we know how to live and act as one. We love the game of American Football with a passion  that runs deep as our love for our mothers, fathers, wives, and children. We have one focus. One goal. And that is to WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP.

Special thanks to:
directed by
Krzysztof Kiziewicz
Radovan Lee
Krzysztof Kiziewicz
Radovan Lee
color correction
Radovan Lee
Sebastian Łukaszuk
music & sound design
Adrian Jakuć-Łukaszewicz
Liquid Molly
making of
Marek "Putin" Wąsik
Specjalne podziękowania za pomoc w realizacji zdjęć:
Primacol, Unicell Polska za pomoc i otwarte serce na sport
Artur Dowgier, Skup Złomu Towarowa 1 w Białymstoku
Ośrodek Kulturystyki TKKF "Zachęta" Bialystok za udostępnienie przestrzeni
Amm archery, za bezinteresowną pomoc przy i z końmi
Piotr Jucha za Żubry:)
Anna Andraka, Cezary Chwicewski PSM, Piotr Doliński (polsko-angielskie napisy)
Ulvborg Hird!!
Stadion Miejski w Białymstoku.
Wschodzący Białystok
Miły Burgery
RIO Wellness Club
Krymar regeneracja turbosprężarek

Łukasz Lewandowski